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Hakkında: Ben Kimim

A.T Cold company, which was established by the experienced managers of Güray Refrigeration, started its activities in 1992. Our company stands at the forefront of global cold chain technology sophistication, serving as an integral pillar in the realm of production, sales, and research. Distinctively renowned as an international one-stop cold chain integration supplier, we unite professionalism, innovation, and dedication, setting the gold standard in customer-centric solutions that notably decrease overall costs.

Our seasoned team, bedrocked with an exceptional blend of knowledge, skill, and experience, is committed to guaranteeing dynamic, timely and highly personalized service. Stepladders and mountains alike, no project is too big or too small. We command expertise in constructing a broad array of temperature-controlled spaces, spanning cold rooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, spiral freezers, anti-rooms, and beyond, molding them masterfully to dovetail your unique business prerequisites.


Our mission echoes our unwavering resolve: To cement our legacy as the globe’s leading, most fiercely competitive, one-stop cold chain integration supplier. We exist not merely to participate in the cold chain industry but to propel it beyond present boundaries, initiating new standards and redefining excellence.

Our goal personifies our ambition and our drive: To shape and infuse unprecedented value into cold chain projects worldwide. In essence, we don’t just serve the global cold chain industry. No, we re-energizing it, injecting innovative solutions that will optimize operational efficiency, elevate product integrity, and redefine the customer experience.

Together, we aspire to engineer and remodel the global cold chain landscape, cultivating growth and fostering sustainability as we journey ahead.


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